Kosciuszko – Australia’s highest peak

Date: 28 April 2016

Country: Australia                                        State: New South Wales (NSW)

Target: Mount Kosciuszko                       Height: 2228 mt.

Mountain range: Snowy Mountains

Crew:  Italy, Switzerland, France, Norway  (5 people)

Mount Kosciuszko
Mount Kosciuszko


Even before leaving for the exchange , when I was in Italy , I had already pointed this Kosciuszko. Actually, Mount Kosciuszko is famous for being one of the Seven Summits . The expression “seven summits” is used to indicate the highest mountains in each of the seven continents of the Earth.

Finally it comes the right time, I can form a team and it’s off to the adventure . We left Sydney April 27 and, driving a  car (On the wrong side of the street)  we reached Jindabyne , a nearby citadel to Kosciuszko . It was a sunny day and we arrived in Jindabyne in the late afternoon. The crew was exicited for the next day!

The crew towards Jindabyne
The crew towards Jindabyne

Shopping, cooking, prepare the backpacks and bed, ready for next morning.  When we woke up weather was not super good, it was quite cloudy and windy, but since we did not have any choice, we just left. We drove for half an hour in Kosciuszko national park to Charlotte Pass. The walking path starts here (Summit walk). If on one side the track was really easy and large, on the other side it was super windy and cold. Only Daniel the Viking could wear shorts that morning. Struggling against a freezing wind we could reach a shelter (small refuge). Time to have some food, rest a bit and warm up. The wind made our trip more funny actually!! =)=)

Yellow sign = car track Orange sign = walk path
Yellow sign = car track
Orange sign = walk path

Ready again to fight against the wind, but determinated to reach the top we left the shelther, and after 45 minutes completely surrounded by the fog we reached  the TOP, we were on the ROOF OF AUSTRALIA!!


Top of Kosciuszko ...
Top of Kosciuszko …

That was great! We were on our first Seven Summit!

I attached the SBOMBATE sticker on the top of the mountain as routine!! Furthermore, it was Azaria birthday!! We celebrated with wine on the roof of Australia.  After celebrations, wine, photos and a lot of wind we decided to come back on the same path. The original plan was different. We planned to do a loop along the Main Range Track in order to see the Blue lake, but with those conditions we just decided to came back on the same path. Between a laugh and the other, mainly because of wind, but probably also due to wine we stopped having lunch at the shelter before going back to Jindabyne. To celebrate our first Seven Summit we stopped at Kosciuszko brewery to taste the local beer!! Cheers!!

See you on the next top!!