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Tottatoppen lakes

Date: 15/03/2015



Time and Path:

I left Narvik early in the morning. Target: the two lakes near Tottatoppen mountain. Direction: Funnhytta and then at the signal Pumpvann turn right. It was really difficult to find the right path because of the snow. Without map, or internet I just tryed to go towards the mountain passing across woods and steep slopes. After 2 hours I was in a wide open space full covered by snow but with sun on my face. Right ahead the first iced lake and the surprise: 3 reindeers!! After spending little time taking some photos and wishing a gun I moved towards the other lake. I was still thinking about that nice meeting when a herd of reindeers (at least 30-40) was staring at me with their horny heads straight at me. Wow, I had only the time to take a picture and then they run away. I just went up till the second lake, also this one iced and then I stopped for a quick lunch on a rock in sunny position. After that I just came back on the same path trying to see again the reindeers. It was impossible to go up to the top of Tottatopen because it was too slippery. I would have needed crampons or at least snowshoes.

Pysical state: Trained

Notes: Really panoramic path. Good place to see reindeers.


Hunddalshytta (Cabin – 700m) Narvik

Date: 31/01 – 01/02 – 2015



Time and Path:
Easiest access is by train from Narvik, about half an hour,  to the roadless station Katterat. From Katterat is about 12 km, 3-4 hour easy hike, mostly on construction roads. We left Katterat station at 2 pm walking towards Hunddalshytta, a small cabin with 14 beds in the middle of nowhere. The path is almost totally flat, with only some not really challenging uphill; because of this is better to go with snowshoes or crosscoutry skis. I went with Alpine skis but is not the best solution. After walking on this really visible path for 3 hours we reached our destination. We came back on the same path.

Physical state: Trained

Total difference in altitude: about 500-600 m

Really freezing outside temperature:  -16°C