Life happens outdoors

Fantastico video di Rami Rasamny in piena sintonia con la nostra idea di montagna

“Every single one of us is born an explorer.
Think back to your earliest days. As children, everything seemed amazing. Everything was a miracle. Everything was there to be discovered and to be experienced.

Sure we made our mistakes, fell off the couch, bumped our heads, scraped our knees, but it was all ok. It was part of the game. It was part of growing up. It was part of life.

And then somewhere along the line we stopped dreaming. We stopped exploring. Life takes over. The outdoors reminded me of something I knew a long time ago. That our existence is a gift to love and to cherish. That we must use the time we have on our little blue marble to explore and to experience it for the incredible thing that it is.

The outdoors reminded me of that little explorer inside who i’d forgotten for so long. The outdoors reminded me of what it felt like to be alive and for me, Life Happens Outdoors.” – Rami Rasamny